Small F Carriages

Design & Kitbuild by DJB

Some build information and photographs from David Bailey as he constructs his re-issued carriage kits.

All Third & Half Brake sides painted ready for body assembly

Body assembly with clamps

Securing footboards to brackets

Ducket end arrangement with castings fitted

Roof assembled so as to be removable

Small F interior, note the very end seat is the guards storage box

Fitting inner compartment layers after body assembly

Fitting inner compartment layers after body assembly

Empress Van Sides

Half-Brake F.20

All Third F.1

Empress Van F.28

Build Modification

I have discovered an error I have made, when I came to fit the Brake Gear Trunnion and Crank it fouled the Bogie, so I have come up with a mod, can you put this on your website please as it will apply to all coaches with brake ends.

Before Assembling the Underframe or before Fitting the Ends, the Brake End Inner Dragbeam will need a cutout for the Brake Gear Trunnion and Crank, you can see in the pictures I have cut out a piece in the end beam on the Underframe, it needs to be 1/4 below the Floor and 9/16" wide on the centre line of the Brake Operating Screw, you can see I have had to "dremmel" the beam on the 1/2 Brake end which I already had assembled and fix the two Trunnions to a piece of 1/4" thick wood.