Out on the Line

A selection of IOM15milgroup member's garden railways to inspire you - locomotives, rolling stock, stations, lineside scenes and more ....

The Little Angel Railway (AT)

Foxdale & St Marks (MB)

The Manx Southern Railway (AB)

Croft & Little Town Light Railway (DB)

Foxdale to Derbyhaven (LD)

Glen Helen Railway (JL)

To read an informative pre-history and the development of this garden line, follow this link.

Glen Auldyn Railway (PT)


Ex Ramsey Pier Wickham, now on PW duties (MB)

Per-way chargehand Ffinlo Qualtrough acts as speed trap on the Foxdale to St.Marks branch. Any disregard for his speed limit signs is met with a disapproving look and a wag of the finger.

Replica Slotted-Post Semaphone Signal based on southside of Castletown (CB)

One of my new Manx Northern type bridge facades in place, based on one of the Orrisdale bridges Ramsey side of Kirk Michael. Construction is of ply, coated with pva and then Das terracotta clay pressed on and scribed to represent the stone courses. Painted when set dry. The facade does not live outside, but is only put in place during running sessions. (MB)

Castletown Water Tank (AB)

A building in Water Street, Ramsey, caught my eye the other year, so I took a few photos; I'm not sure what it was, though a builder has it now. In an attempt to block out the fence, I've built a slightly smaller version for Glen Auldyn, from PVC-faced foamboard. The parts are laser cut, while stone and roofing detail is 'engraved' using the laser cutter, too. (PT)

Looking suspiciously busy, the Colby goods 'shed', a grounded E Van, has been moved to Lezayre. (PT)

Just arrived from St Marks, Highways Board No.1 picks up barrels of tar from the yard at Glen Auldyn. (PT)

St Johns Water Tank (AB)

Warm weather, and Peveril caught shunting at Glen Auldyn.

The Mystery Welder (this week: Frankie Dettori) gets a lesson in the correct oxyacetylene mix from The Charmless Nurk. (PT)

The start of TT fortnight has resulted in several extra workings to Glen Auldyn. Simply Devine sees off a Motorcyclists' Excursion. (PT)

IOM Road Services Bus Leyland PD2 (ish!), constructed from the contents of my scrap box. (MB)

L/S Accucraft Mona out on the line with Pairs carriage

Snow, but the service must continue