Donegal Railcars

Worsley Works Kitbuild by CB

Having scanned the internet and the 16mm site I came across Worsley Engraving. Cutting a long story short he scaled up a 7mm drawing he had to 15mm and produced the front, rear and sides and door etchings for me. As I thought I would make no's 19 & 20 I brought two sets, but will see how the first goes together and runs before starting the second. My thoughts are to build the body and cab complete with their roofs so they lift completely of the chassis giving full access to the electrics and radio installation. Any way that's the theory?

For the main drive I am hoping to use a redundant David Hardy motorist bogie and a full compensated Brandbright rear bogie, but that's a little way down the road at the moment. The roof as you can see in the photographs I have made up of brass sections soldered on to the sides which will be covered in brass sheet and car filler moulded front and back. To be fair with Worsley Engraving, the etchings fit quite good but there is a lot of scratch work to be done. Still it keeps the marbles in my head rattle-------ling around.

Best regards,Colin

Alterations to the cab front to give the correct curved profile. Just a slight tweak but makes a big difference.

Tackling the cab roof is proving a challenge!

The headlamp body is made of solid brass, rounded at the back with a securing bracket shaped and fitted at the rear,and a nautical porthole soldered on to the front.

Couple of photographs showing roof now covered (sorry about car filler).

Next stage, beading and roof straps but I think I will add floor frame and "A" sections to lower coach sides first.

This should firm the coach sides completely.