MNR Cleminson

Design & Kit Build by JK

Manufactured by The Train Department in New Jersey, USA, Manx Northern Railway 6 wheel Cleminson N Class coach kits available in three configurations:

  • All First 1/1/1

  • All Third 3/3/3/3/3/3

  • Combination Brake 3/1/1/B.

The kits contain all the laser parts to build the coach along with the trucks build up of laser cut plywood. The brass journal box is ready to roll and includes a ball bearing to work with the included wheelsets. A decal set is included with each kit.

Final images of the three versions shown below.

Composite Brake

All Third

All First

Available as separate items from The Train Department are suitable roof lamp covers (in white metal) and an etched Swansea builder's plate.

Please note when building, I've included an extra truck spacer block, do not install the spacer for the middle truck, it does not allow the center to lift on uneven track. These blocks are glued to the frame bolster during the frame assembly. If you have already done this you can simply file or sand down the block to allow sufficient movement. Only a 1/8" difference is really needed. Also the center truck guides that keep the truck straight will need to be sanded to allow the same movement.