An Irish Peacock

by Neil Ramsay

Okay, strictly speaking, not IOM, but WOW!! Pictures courtesy of Neil Ramsay of his Ballymena and Larne Beyer 2-4-0T, DJB Engineering loco......... lovely!

Some background info

  • Model built 1994 modified from batch of IOM Beyers. This is the first loco David Bailey built with the sloping smokebox.

  • Internally meths fired with axle pump feed from tanks.

  • Proper Stephenson's valve gear with scale reversing lever (fiddly - I never use!)

  • 60psi working pressure.

Originally supplied in LMS NCC crimson lake - repainted by me in Belfast and Northern Counties and Midland Railway NCC livery of invisible green after boiler failure last year.

Differences from Manx Peacocks

  • Slightly larger tanks with 2ft 10 diameter boiler.

  • Lower roof profile (less curvature).

  • Sandboxes on tank fronts.

  • Retained Salter valves and bell mouthed dome.

  • Handrails fitted from knobs on boiler sides to a bracket connecting tops of tanks.

  • Steel tool chest on tank top.

Prototype details

  • Built as no.4 for Ballymena and Larne railway in 1880 (maker's no 1828).

  • Renumbered BNCR 64 in 1889 and 105 in 1897 - plates show 105.

  • Sold in 1928 to Castlederg and Victoria Bridge tramway.

  • Probably scrapped 1934