Shorties! 5 Compartment Stock

Scratchbuild by NM

Although inspired by the IMR, I have taken a few liberties with my models, not least with the coaching stock. So far I have 3 coaches based on the large Metropolitans, but can you spot the 'modeller's license?

First P32, the brake composite:

Next, P34, the luggage brake 3rd:

The bodies are made from resin castings using my own patterns and moulds. One mould produces 2 compartment windows and another makes a door. Simply multiply to taste:

Other moulds produce ends, partitions, roof sticks and duckets. As I hate repetition fabrication as much as possible is cast in bulk.

P34 is based, of course, on F34 and I was keen to get the full flavour of the prototype, despite my liberties, so I managed to find some dolls' house upholstry which is a pretty good mach for the (unique?) flowered upholstry currently adorning the remains of F34:

Out of sequence is P31, an all-3rd. It has maroon and black squiggle upholstry which was one of the layers exposed in the torn covers in F41, I think, a few years ago.

A sample, just for the rivet counters: